Tansy Roake is an artist based out of Southern Spain. She has exhibited all across the UK and is now developing her practice and exhibiting in Spain.

Creatively she has always been drawn to the abnormal in the ordinary. Through her belief that everything has an innate and intrinsic beauty, she attempts to portray this through her art. She creates fantastically mundane art objects and paints with a focus on using minimal colour for maximum effect. She also has a keen interest in the science of materials which transmogrifies into her work as constant experimentations in the interactions of different media.

In addition to paintings and sculptures, Tansy also creates large scale, interactive, installation works and performance pieces. She is fascinated by the apparent lack of control we have over our own bodies and has explored this concept through action works looking at testing her personal limits and seeing if she can overcome her natural reactions and barriers.

Unless stated otherwise, everything on this website is original work by Tansy Roake and should not be used or copied without her consent.